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Blommaert Business Academy (BBA) offers  a wide range of courses, workshops and programs for financial and non-financial experts with regard to strategy, organizational culture, management control, accounting, performance management, risk- and opportunity management  and business partnering. Always focussed on further broadening the perspectives of the participants. 

BBA is an acknowledged leader in facilitating in-house "Finance as Business Partner" programs.  The teaching style is ‘personally confronting’, always coming from a practical business perspective, using economic and accounting science and research as a useful background, outside-in in combi with inside-out, brought with humor and passion, where ‘time’ always flies.   >> read more


"Thriving on Trust"

The hard results of soft controls
In Dutch: Vertrouwen als Bron van Winst 
For every organizatiion trust is an essential success factor. Without sufficient trust between people there will be no or only bounded cooperation and initiative. This book is about the business case for more trust within organizations. 
Tjeu Blommaert and Stephan van den Broek show that healthy trust as starting point for organizing and managing organizations could have important economic advantages.  

Blommaert Business Consulting


Blommaert Business Consulting (BBC) acknowledges that a customer does not pay for the strategic intentions of a company, but for the quality of theexecution to deliver products and or services (the customer value proposition). If not followed by adequate execution, a company's intended strategy becomes useless and ends as a paper exercise only. That is why in the BBC consultancy approach 'execution' is the primary focus right from the beginning.   >> read more




Our partners in excellent execution

To support the successful execution of the concepts and advises at customers, Blommaert Enterprise established longstanding working-relationships with carefully selected and trusted partners. 
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Blommaert Business Academy verzorgt voor het netwerk van financials van The Perfect Fit een 5-daags opleidingsprogramma (20 PE punten) op Malta (St. Julian's) van 9 t/m 13 juni 2014.
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